Paws & Poops

Your dogs deserve to be treated like family because that’s what they are.

For as little as $20 a day you can read about your dog’s walk, see your dog’s walk, and know that your dog had a great time.

My Mission

Paws & Poops believes that every dog, no matter the breed or past, deserves to have a happy and healthy life. Committed to that belief, I will work collaboratively with owners to develop and carry out a plan to provide structure, proper socialization, exercise, and lots of affection, building that happy life together.

“I always just assumed all dog walking services were the same, but Paws & Poops made me feel as though my own sister was walking my dog.”

What services do I offer?

Daily Walks

Choose between a 30 minute or a 60 minute walk. Walking around your neighborhood where your dog is comfortable and getting a good dose of daily exercise.

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Midday Potty

With Paws & Poops Midday Potty I'm committed to successfully helping potty training your puppy by sticking to their schedule, using a designated area, cue words and giving lots of praise.

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Dog Sitting

Need to leave town for a bit and don't want your doggie being boarded in a crate? Travel guilt-free knowing your doggie is relaxed in the comfort of your own home.

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Sometimes your dog wants to be part of nature. Paws & Poops hikes take your dog on a friendly adventure through the wilderness where they get to interact with the wild.

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